Quality Assurance:Messraum

  • 1 cordax measurement machine: max. travel: 1000 x 625 x 500 mm (39.4” x 24.6” x 19.7”)
  • Measuring and test equipment of all kinds

The best machines are useless, however, if the necessary technical know-how is lacking. Consequently, just under 10 years ago we founded a subsidiary, GeoBüroVision, which has specialized in CAD/CAM and ERP systems. Since then, we have been in the fortunate situation of always being at the state of the art in computer technology.


That gives us the following capabilities:

  • Creation of extremely complicated CNC programs in a minimum of time.
  • Preparation of CAD drawings on professional CAD workstations with a drawing management system
  • Exporting of CAD drawings to our CAM system for CNC programming
  • Complete documentation of the production with revision tracking system

In addition, training sessions are constantly being held for our employees to enable them to work professionally with the software available to them.

All in all, our plant boasts a production facility on a technological and qualitative level that doesn't have to shy away from comparison to anyone. You will find us an extremely flexible and dependable partner who will work with you to develop and manufacture any products you wish.

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