For over 25 years Höhne has enjoyed a reputation as a manufacturing company that stresses expertise, reliability and innovation.

Our expertise is based on three mainstays:

  • Outstanding machinery consisting of perfectly coordinated individual components
  • Highly qualified and motivated employees
  • A subsidiary (GeoBüroVision) whose knowledge of CAD/CAM and ERP systems is not restricted to a single industry

We produce the products we do because of these factors:

  • Working hand-in-hand with our clients we design and develop complete assemblies in-house. They are tested and perfected in design production until they can go into high-volume production.
  • The assemblies leave our factory fully assembled and with complete technical documentation, incl. serial numbers. Service work that arises is handled promptly and with the same detailed documentation.
  • We can offer extremely reasonable shop rates for high-volume production of 1,000 or more units or where repetition parts are involved.

The photo shows our new production facilities with a production and assembly area of about 2,000 m² (21,517 sq.ft.).

In our building we also have rooms for training sessions, conferences, offices., etc., available for leasing. For detailed information, see:

modern machines

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